City Branding

 City Branding and Promotion

1. Overview

GMF will actively use its global network to promote the city branding, including the economy, culture, ecology, profile, social order, history etc. The branding enhancement can facilitate the investment attraction. 
The branding enhance will also draw public attention, so that to promote communication and promotion. 
A city, when closing its door, would definitely compromise its development. 
The first step of opening up is showcase itself, meanwhile enhance its outstanding about the rest of the world. The second step is to conduct exchange and cooperation in various levels. 
We can obtain plenty of resources, including information, capital and human resource, and market share through exchange and cooperation to achieve full development of the city. 
Showcasing its own branding is a great Public Relation campaign, to increase the positive opinion on the city. In this way, the public will make a favorable choice when the time comes.

2. Available network resources for city promotion

4,812 member cities and leaders of GMF
510,000 business leaders and CEOs
15,354 national leaders on economy, politics, culture, etc
19,514 International societies and organizations, non-governmental organizations