Green Office

 The decorative materials and products used by OGCLAB are all from brands that are making contributions to sustainable development. This is an example of green office that can be promoted to public sectors, enterprises and communities.


GMF is the first NGO granted special consultative status with ECOSOC in Shenzhen in 38 year. The establishment of OGCLAB by GMF marks another big steps of designing and creating the Green City a most harmonious human habitat.

Polycom Video Conferencing System: The globally connecting conferencing system with green technology serves for governments, enterprises, financial institutes and public sectors.


Environment-friendly Sony Screen: Low carbon, low power consumption and energy saving


HP computer and printer in use: HP has been well-recognized by the international community with its continued commitment to sustainable development.


Interface Carpet: Carpet with the wood grain-like texture; Made with the innovative Reentry technology and recyclable materials.


Environment-friendly Deluxe Paint: An odorless and harmless work environment is a guarantee for human development.


SICCO in-door air purification system: Clean work environment index is shown on the screen.


Kinwai Furnishing: User-friendly design and environment-friendly materials and technology



Round-table Conference of Global Green Leaders

 With the most advanced globally connecting video conferencing equipment, OGCLAB builds a high-efficient platform for city decision-makers, entrepreneurs and communicate.


At the OGCLAB headquarter in Shenzhen, President of the Steering Committee of OGCLAB Duane Kissick is discussing with U.S. Silicon Valley experts about the proposal of catalyzing green financial products with green consumption during the process of green development through video connection. November 28, 2017.


 Global Green City Expo

GMF worked with 660 large and medium-sized cities in China to organise the Global Green City Expo, with the support of member network consisting of 4812 cities outside China. OGCLAB will organise Global Green City Expo 2019.



 Green Development Officer Training

 OGCLAB offers Green Development Officer trainings to city managers, enterprise managers, community managers and the managers of public sectors through our globally connected green conferencing system.



Green Bond


Green bonds are created to fund projects that have positive environmental and/or climate benefits. It is a new financing mechanism that shows the possibility of balancing economic development and environmental protection.

 Green bonds fund local governments in developing countries or new cities in need to build climate-friendly infrastructures. Unfortunately, many local governments and public sectors lack technology or legitimacy to enter green bonds market.

 400 to 600 billion USD are needed to protect land, forests and water each year. Another 350 billion USD are needed for renewable resources and resource efficiency projects. But the budget gap remains 70 billion USD according to the new climate funding report.

 GCPS has built a strategic partnership with CBI in 2017 to promote the innovative development of green bonds together.


 Green Industry and Commerce

 It is better for low-carbon enterprises to adopt the economy of scale principle to guide their investment and financing management in the field of green industry and commerce. As fixed costs would grow with the number of low-carbon enterprises, it is important to increase the scale of low-carbon enterprises and lower their investment and financing costs to achieve sustainability. 

 What is sustainability to global enterprise’s senior managers?

        Research shows that more than 50% of senior managers consider sustainability (environmental and social management) as very important. However, companies that have taken steps for sustainable development are only a few (30%).

55consider sustainability as environment related issues (eg. greenhouse gas emission,


       energy efficiency, waste management, green product development and water protection


       48 see sustainability as management related issues. (eg. Legal compliance, code of moral conduct and commonly recognized industrial standards


       41% see sustainability as social management related issues (eg. work conditions and labour standard)

       Over 56% of interviewees agree that sustainability can be defined by no less than two ways above.

       Only 6% consider sustainability as one of the three most important propositions of CEO and should be taken into practice. In fact, sustainable development is important in many fields including product development, marketing and service, planning and investment, internal operation and management, supervision strategy, corporate reputation and branding as well as overall corporate strategy.


 Media Coverage

Dialogue to Global Mayors has been committed to deliver the idea of urban sustainable development. It showcases the excellent practices and cases of urban sustainable development for city stakeholders to refer to. Two-five mayors of global cities would be invited each time to contribute to the magazine.  Since its first publication in 2012, more than 150 articles from nearly 50 mayors have been received by Dialogue to Global Mayors.