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  Established in September, 2016, Green City Public Service (GCPS) is a service platform authorized by Global Mayors Forum (GMF), which is admitted as a consultative NGO by ECOSOC. GCPS exploits resources of GMF to offer Chinese cities general low-carbon development solutions.

GCPS worked with Climate Bonds Initiative and Qianhai Financial Holdings to providing the training about the International Certification of the Green Bonds and its Approach of Issuing on March 31. A strategic partnership agreement was signed with the two companies.

Based on the Urban Sustainable Development Training Center at Xuzhou, GMF secretariat authorized GCPS to build the first Open Green City Laboratory (OGCLAB) in the world on November, 28, 2017. OGCLAB provides objective and diverse solutions to complicated challenges facing society, science and green development, based on the demands of governments, enterprises and other clients. OGCLAB brings together green finance, green technology and green products, aiming to promote low-carbon lifestyle among people and lead their way to a brighter future.


To integrate global intelligence to promote and practice sustainable development.


To work with city stakeholders to build a poetic human habitat together


       To promote advanced methodologies and technologies of city management as well as urban sustainable development cases;

       To optimize enterprises idea of sustainable development;

       To promote the green development of public sectors including communities, schools and hospitals.

Media conference for the first Open Green City Laboratory was held on November 28, 2017. The event was covered by 41 media including, Xinhua Agency and Sina, etc.

As the NGO in special consultative status, GMF always keeps the ideas of low-carbon, recycling and sustainable development in mind. All the products, decorations and materials used in the office are from the brands that agrees with sustainable development and have taken it into practices.

The green technology – Global networking conference system is used by OGCLAB to reduce carbon footprints generated from meetings. We serve for local governments, enterprises, financial institutes, communities and NGOs in a more environment-friendly way.

Views outside OGCLAB Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area where Shenzhen River meets the sea, one of the world fours great bay areas.

OGCLAB is a green community networking platform where global ideas, technologies, products, funds are all connected to advance urban sustainable development and an integrated green development solution provider for city stakeholders including states, local governments, enterprises, communities, public sectors and NGOs.

l  We know what a city needs. We can bring together the worlds best experts and organizations to provide solutions to urban planning and green development projects for city planners.

l  We promote cooperation between cities across the world in term of economy, talents, technologies and resources in the field of sustainable development.

l  We promote the world-class advanced ideas of city green development and the practices of green technology and green finance.