2014 GMF Organizing Committee Office Relocated to New Times Plaza

In January 2014, Office of 2014 GMF organizing committee was officially relocated to New Times Plaza, Shekou Industrial Zone, ShenZhen, China. This office building is subordinate to the properties of GMF cooperative partner, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone.

Being the 2014 GMF ‘s partner and sponsor, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone provided 2014 GMF organizing committee with this new office which symbols the deepened cooperation, creating a favorable condition for the smoothing development of 2014 GMF and close communication between them in the future. Thus, it will provide with its continued support and assistant so as to achieve a complete success in holding this forum.

Shekou Industrial Zone is located in the southeast tip of the Nantou Peninsula, east of Shenzhen Bay, west of the Pearl River Estuary, Yuen Long and Hongkong across the sea, covering an area of 10.85 square kilometers. Founded in 1979, it is the first China’s opening economic development zone wholly owned by China Merchants Group. With the unique geographical location, it will be more convenience to the preparation progress of the GMF2014, as New Times Plaza is adjacency to the forum’s holding venue, Shenzhen Nanhai Hilton Hotel.

The new 2014 GMF Organizing Committee Office occupies an area of 150 square meters. Interior decoration of the office is in accordance with the concept of sustainable development, adopting recycling office facilities such as recycling mats made carpet, environmental friendly picture frames, energy saving light bolts, energy efficiency designed decorations etc. we carry out the theme of the 2014 GMF “Living a Life of Health and Sustainability” in every possible scenarios.

2014, at Shekou new office, the GMF Organizing Committee accelerate the preparation progress of GMF2014 which is going to be held on October 10-19. The United Nations officials, the leaders of International Urban Organizations, representatives of mayors all over the world, global business leaders and the leaders from green industry etc will gather here to discuss the future fate of mankind and find out the solutions to achieve better sustainable urban development.