·Bus speed record broken with cow dung powered bus

In GB, a cow dung powered bus defeated a normal bus with gas power and created a new record for fastest bus.

It is said there is not any jet engine in the bus and the bus is completely powered by compressed natural gas out of cow dung methane. This invention is attractive as it is an environment-friendly power on the road. Its speed reached 123.57 per hour and it broke bus speed record when it was tested in Mir Brook experiment court in Bedforde county. 
The British Timing Committee confirmed this record recently. Meanwhile, the owner company of the bus tells that the other bus companies are encouraged to use new technology through this new record, so that to enhance the public environment protection awareness and increase its influence. 
Therefore, the general engineer John Bickerton says that it is a new era, and buses should be changed from their old dirty, messy and poor images and become modernized and quick shortly and be an initiator of creative things.